Take Care of Your Roof - Barrie's house clinic

I used to power wash the moss off of my roof about once a year - there's just a small section that really gets the moss. I always knew it wasn't recommended to use the high power spray - but it didn't really appear to be hurting - and it does a really thorough job - and any chance to use the power washer is "good times." A couple of years ago, though, I thought I would give the recommended treatment a shot (giving up the rebel attitude?). Laundry soap WITH BLEACH - spread in a line across the ridges - then in a couple of weeks or months come and gently sweep the dead moss off. It took me a couple of years to figure out that I really ought to finish off the process and sweep off the dead moss - so a few days ago I went up, broom in hand. Turns out the moss had solidified into a solid mass - more like dried mud. I had to use a long handled scraper to gently break it free. Next time I won't wait so long.

While I was up there I noticed a pretty serious hole in the roofing - right at the ridge about 2" long and 2" wide. I could see the ridge rafter and dark air beneath.What the heck? Not good. Did it just melt off, did the birds, squirrels peck it out? I spread some rubberized mastic and a small piece of extra roofing I had - and am confident that it won't be leaking any time soon. No sign of water damage inside the house. I also noticed the wind had knocked a few 3 tabs loose / cockeyed - and there was a lot of wear in the roofing - especially where I used to power wash. I think we will need to replace the roof sooner rather than later - it's only 16 years old.

Get up on the roof and check it out - especially if it's sunny out! Take care of the small problems before they get bigger.


Easily Clean your plastic Shower Pan

A quick note to share one of those moments when you discover the answer to something that's been bugging you for a while...
A clean house is a happy house (I'm a neat freak) so....I could never (easily) get the shower pan in our bathroom clean - finally - the answer - Easy Off Oven Cleaner!!!!Buy the "no fumes" kind, spray it on, let it sit for 1-1/2 - 2 hours (don't skimp on the time) and gently rub out the muck with a scouring pad (and gloves), wipe up with paper towels - done.
Thank you internet!

If you're selling your house, clean it first! It will make a difference to your bottom line!