How to Increase Your Home's Value

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How to Increase Your Home's Value

Everyone wants to do what they can to get top dollar when they sell - and there are lots of lists out there on the internet to help educate you. The following is a list of remodel projects from Realtor Magazine --- percentage of cost recouped on sale.

What you should notice is that NONE of these projects will return 100% of your investment.      In my opinion -- If you're just fixing up to sell - don't do it (unless it's really bad or non-functional), if you're fixing up to enjoy your home more for the next few years - go for it. See below the realtor list for my best practices to get top dollar for your home.


Minor kitchen remodel (88%)

Bathroom remodel (85%)

Major kitchen remodel (81%)

Family room addition (80%)

Deck addition (77%)

Master suite (75%)

Attic bedroom (74%)

Siding replacement (73%)

Window replacement (69%)

Home office (55%)


I have "flipped" several (20) properties. I may not be the best flipper or the most productive, but I CAN tell you that elbow grease and a small investment will get you some big returns!

Get as much "stuff" out of the house as you can. Less is more. Depersonalize it. Family pictures down, Neutral (beige?) paint.

Fix stuff. No leaks. Get the moss off the roof.

Clean the heck out of it - then clean it again! Shampoo or replace the carpet. Carpet can be VERY affordable (or it can be expensive). Go ahead. Get the cheap stuff - if it looks good enough to you, it's probably good enough for the buyer - beige or neutral - gray is kind of dark, blah.

Paint it.     I don't know how many times I've said "carpet and paint," "carpet and paint," carpet and paint." If you're a buyer - look for something that could use some "carpet and paint." You'll get a good discount on the home.

And do the best that you can with the yard. Weed, mow, bark, add a few flowers/shrubs.

Get the deck/patio pretty - and safe.     Fix the rot.

Pet peeves - converted garages and hot tubs. Mostly yuck.

That's it. It takes time, but it feels good - and will make you some money.

Call, text, or email anywhere in the process. I'm here to help.